Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go the Aliwan Festival. Mac and I were already on our way when it started to rain very, very hard. Mac told me we shouldn’t go anymore. Then I was debating whether we go to High Street or Rockwell. There was a shoot in High Street that I originally planned in going to. Then in Rockwell I heard that the Mach5’s there. ๐Ÿ˜ But the rain didn’t stop right away and either places are hard to go to when it rains. We ended up in Glorietta. As usual. ~_~ I heard that the Aliwan Festival started late (around 6:30PM) which is a huge bummer for those who wanted to join the photography contest (Php50,000 for the grand prize!) including me. I hope they start early next time like 9AM.

Rozeh~ I’m not really into going to events nor cons most especially. I only go to events where I can take a lot of pictures or benefit a lot from… Like the food tour. XDDD J/k! As for cons, the only con I have gone or will be be going to is LIGHTS OUT. I ♥ the girls there. ๐Ÿ˜€

Ever since our helpers left, the last 2 weeks have been very busy for me. My new hobby is doing household chores.


I’m not saying I don’t like doing household chores. I have no problems doing a few, but doing it everyday is tiring. The only thing I enjoy is tending to our dogs. ^_^ I hope we get a help soon. Taking care of a building 4 floors high is not easy. -_- Due to my being busy, I could hardly get anything from my to-do list done. I can’t watch any of the new anime I was so excited to see. I still manage to download new releases and some from the previous season though. I can’t watch Speed Racer and Ironman yet too because my Mom doesn’t really like being alone in the house for long.

Other than household chores, I’ve been sorting and throwing some stuff from our bodega (or store room). The first 2 days I sorted out my brother’s school notes and books. 95% of them ended in the trash. My Mom told him to keep only those he would need in the future, but he even stored scratch or torn papers. ~_~ While I was looking at all the paper he had, I realize that schools are the number one KILLER OF TREES. XP Next were plastic bags. We have so much of them. O_O I sorted them by size, threw those that seem useless, separated those that can be used for the trash bins, and stored the really huge ones for the huge traveling bags (because it will keep the bags from getting all dusty). We have a lot of traveling bags. My Dad has a habit of buying one or two every time he goes out of the country. He bought another one from his last week’s trip to Hanoi and Burma. @_@ We’ll be selling some of the bags in our 2nd garage sale. I hope they go into good homes. XD

Yesterday I went to the doctor to ask for a “request” letter. A nurse checked my BP. He tried twice and failed. He only got it on the third try when he switched to my right arm. *lol*

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