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In this post are my blind box toys from Qee Designer Collection Series 6, Domo-kun Series 3 Collection, and Sweet Dreams Care Bear from the Care Bears Share-A-Bear Collection, which I all bought these past couple of months.

Toy2R’s Qee Designer Collection Series 6

Toy2R’s Qee Designer Collection Series 6 includes original art toys created by the best DIY customizers and top designers.



The toys in Series 6

Each blind box also includes a sticker of a character different from the toy it comes with. It seems I’m lucky with blind boxes because I got all that I wanted — Raymond Choy’s Doggy Qee, Charlie Mewshew’s Pinkeye Boxee, and Cameron Tiede’s Noctural Decay Boxee Qee. 😀 Well, all except Peskimo. I hope I can still get it.

Qee Key Chain Collection 2 - Raymond Choy 20120317_113242
Raymond Choy’s Doggy Qee

The Doggy Qee’s the first I got among the three and it came with a Peskimo sticker.

Qee Key Chain Collection 2 - Raymond Choy 20120317_113355
The design makes me think of The Punisher

Qee Key Chain Collection 2 - Raymond Choy 20120317_113432

Second is Charlie Mewshew’s Pinkeye Boxee.

It’s glow-in-the-dark! 😀


I’ve been bringing this fella lately as “mascot” for my food photos. 😛

Devil’s tail

Pinkeye Boxee came with a Toyer Scout sticker.

The last one–if I don’t buy anymore 😆 –is Nocturnal Decay Boxee Qee by Cameron Tiede that came with a Mon Qee sticker. How do you pronounce Tiede?



Mon Qee sticker

Most likely I’m not going to use them as keychains because I’m afraid I might lose them.

Thanks to Paolo (from my favorite cafe where I got all these toys and figures) that he introduced and recommended this collection to me. They’re very cute that I want them all!

Domo 2″ Qee Collectible Figure

Domo-kun 008

Tourist Domo-kun

And surfer Domo

Domo-kun 003
All the Domo-kun from the collection

It’s hard to rely on the box art to know what Domo-kun you can get. Example, a friend got the yellow Domo-kun, but it’s actually glittery gold.

These are the rest that I got:


Domo-kun 017

Domo-kun 009

Domo-kun 010

Domo-kun 011
So cute! But he’s got “hair fall” problem like its owner. 😆

Domo-kun 012

Domo-kun 013

Domo-kun 014

Domo-kun 015

Sweet Dreams Bear from Care Bears Share-A-Bear Series





The characters I’m more familiar with are not available, unfortunately. I chose Sweet Dreams because… I want to have sweet dreams always. LOLS

More pictures:

Domo-kun 001
Purple, sky blue, and snowflakes Domo-kun and Raymond Choy in this batch

Domo-kun, Care Bears, Qee Designer


Domo-kun, Qee Designer
The Cameron character looks like a gone mad Spongebob to me.

A Qee or PI. blind box costs around Php300, but I got each at half their price. I think that’s a steal!

Anyway, I need to get back to work. 🙂


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