Gratitude Log

Birthday, board games, and MRT adventures

Since the other day I’ve been so exhausted and annoyed. The couple of nights’ sleep hasn’t been enough. I’ve been itching to smoke even, but my laziness and not wanting my hair to smell of cigarette smoke is keeping me from doing so. I’m getting cranky that I’m hating myself. So now I’m trying to relax even while at work as I wait for my coffee to be in a drinkable temperature and partially watching Adventure Time in the background. 😀 Also, writing this quick gratitude log for more good vibes.

  • That birthday where I got to spend with family, my boyfriend, and the usual suspects. The post-birthday blog post will be up eventually. XD

    The birthday girl; wearing my current fave Melissa x Jason Wu.

  • Surviving chaotic MRT trips.

    One Saturday, the boyfriend and I had a crazy MRT adventure. There was a looooooong line just to get inside the station and another to get to the platform. Male passengers ran for it when the security removed the ropes as soon as all the train passengers were off the train. It was more chaotic than I’ve expereienced, but the male passengers seem less violent than females.

  • The discovery of Makati B&B — The place to play board games and war gaming. They have many demo games, all playable only for a drop-in fee of Php80. 😀 The boyfriend and I went there on a rainy day a few weeks back. We played three games and bought Smash Up.

    Gigazaur in the first round #KingOfTokyo

    I died second time. My character is me right now. #BattleWizards

    Last short game with the boyfriend. Beat the crap out of him LOLOL

Time for lunch! 😀

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