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Big Mama Korean Restaurant

Boyfriend and I craved for Korean food because of Mr. House Husband. In the show, they prepared kimchi, fish cakes, ramyun/instant noodles, gimbap, and side dishes. Watching Mr. House Husband at wee hours was torture! Well, a little. Eli is adorbs. πŸ˜€

I’m not into Korean food that I don’t know of any good restaurants, so we had to research. Many of the search results are based in Makati. We decided on one located in Poblacion that offers many of what we craved and is highly-rated (based on Google Reviews). But along the way to the restaurant, we saw Big Mama.

20170224_204309 Big Mama Korean Restaurant
Big Mama is known for their fried chicken.

They say fried chicken is best with beer. I remember when bandmates and I often hung out at some condo’s rooftop pool. One night, a Korean couple (+1 guy) gave us each bottles of Pale Pilsen for our McD chicken and fries. So fatteninggood! But that was only McD’s chicken, so I should try Big Mama’s next time. πŸ˜€

20170224_204533 Big Mama Korean Restaurant

20170224_205815 Big Mama Korean Restaurant

The restaurant is spacious, which seem different than described in reviews. Each table has wooden stand (as seen in photo) or curtain dividers. Besides the staff, we might have been the only Filipinos that night.

20170224_205753 Big Mama Korean Restaurant

After we placed our orders, they set these side dishes.

20170224_210701 Big Mama Korean Restaurant

20170224_211917 Big Mama Korean Restaurant
My order–kimchi jigae, PhP250
Very spicy! ♥

I insisted we order fish cake even though the boyfriend wanted pork dumplings. We won’t be able to eat them all and that would be wasteful if we order everything we want. We do take-outs, but I’d rather we order what we know we can finish.

20170224_211251 Big Mama Korean Restaurant
O-deang tang (fish cake), PhP300

So glad we had the fish cake. A good match with my kimchi stew. A pot includes six fish sticks with a hard-boiled egg. It’s best shared unless you have a huge appetite. We had to doggie bag ours.

O-deang tang is PhP400 in the menu, but they charged us only PhP300.

20170224_211901 Big Mama Korean Restaurant
Danjang jigae, PhP300

The boyfriend ordered Danjang jigae, which is seafood and soybean soup.

20170224_205859 Big Mama Korean Restaurant
Lee Hyori, is that you?

I enjoyed our meal actually. Also, the service is good. They let us take our time to choose from the menu unlike in other restaurants where the waiter would wait at your table and pressure you to hurry. Besides the side dishes, they also serve cold house tea.

I want to visit again soon to try their chicken with beer (probably) and have more fish cakes. πŸ˜€

Big Mama Korean Restaurant is located Azotea De Bel-Air Condominium Building, 5786 Polaris St.; just across Handlebar. It is open from 11AM to 2AM. But I read somewhere they close at 6AM. They also do deliveries via Food Panda. I think you can order by phone too. More information (including job openings) in their FB Page:

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