Big Apple Express Spa, Forbes Town Center

Around mid-April, Phoebe and I had one of our girly dates. We were supposed to have a food trip at the Best Food Forward, but I only had free cookies to-go and a free taste of, I think, polvoron. I wasn’t very hungry and unnecessary eating is bad for someone whose weight yoyo’s bad, so we decided to have a body massage. Considering our tight budget, we looked for something affordable which I think is hard to find around Taguig or that’s not in Market Market. Fortunately, there is a Big Apple Express Spa that is near Burgos Circle. Thanks to Foursquare for the recommendation!

The following are Big Apple Express Spa’s massage services:

  • Make Your Own Massage — PhP49

  • Foot Therapy — PhP299/PhP399

  • Full Body Therapy — PhP299 to PhP599

Before the massage, we were asked to change to shorts. Mine was so loose that it seemed pointless to wear. But, well, I don’t wanna just lie down there with just my pannies or barenaked like in that spa place I went to a few years ago. Anyway, after the heavenly massage, I was given a hot towel and hot ginger tea. Teas are always the best after a massage. 🙂

The massage I asked for was the Brazilian Deep Tissue Massage which cost me PhP599. For that price, the massage was more than I expected. It involves stretching and the masseuse massaging me with her feet. Yes, she stood on my back. That was the best since my masseuse said, “Ang tigas ng likod niyo, ma’am.” Nahiya naman ako. LOL I knew she tried to press her fingers on my back and I could hardly feel them.

Other services they offer are:

  • Foot spa — PhP250

  • Foot spa with pedicure — PhP380

  • Manicure — PhP150

  • Pedicure — PhP180

Big Apple Express Spa’s services are mostly affordable and their staff (at the Forbes Town Center branch) is friendly and accommodating. They weren’t bothered by our excitement and laughter. But maybe the other customers were. ^^;;;

The Forbes Town Center branch may be small, but is clean and cozy. They actually have two floors; on the second is where the body massages are done.

I apologize for not having pics. Phoebe and I were too excited and then hungry to even remember to take some. LOL There are a couple of pictures available in the Foursquare check-in page. This is their complete address and contact number of the branch we went to:

Big Apple Express Spa

F103 Forbes Town Center, Rizal Drive

Fort Bonifacio, Taguig


Idk about their other branches, but I definitely recommend that Big Apple Express Spa we went to.

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