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Best anime ending I’ve seen in a long time

The day after this post, I watched the remaining episodes. I wish the series was longer though that means I should brace myself for another heartache of seeing another character die. (I already read a summary from the novel. :P)


I was impressed how they were able to present in an episode what could have possibly be an entire season. They learned and developed more skills and were able to work harmoniously with Merry, their new priest, after knowing her history as they were able to sympathize with her. She even has it worse. It is terrible to lose a companion, what more if to lose three? But the anime doesn’t really focus much on power or special moves. It’s on personal growth, survival, and relationships.

I love the ending and how it still involves Manato. He really made a huge impact to Haruhiro. I wonder if this will have another season…

Since this is very much like an RPG, what they lack is food for their stamina. LOL!

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