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One of my dearest friends has shared on Facebook a link to Pepper’s Guide to After Midnight Eats and the boyfriend and I decided to try each one in the list. I made a list on the sidebar for your quick viewing as well as for my reference. We’ve already been to two from the list, but I’m one restaurant ahead. Before I take him to that restaurant, we decided on Beni’s Falafel for the meantime.


Beni’s Falafel is a small restaurant located beside A.Venue Mall. If you happen to ride the Ibabaw and Ilalim jeepneys everyday coming from Kalayaan/J.P. Rizal/PRC, you should have noticed that restaurant at some point. I have seen it many times and each time I thought I should try it, but I haven’t done so until that night with the boyfran. That was last June 30 (sweldo day!).

Since it was late, it was expected there wouldn’t be many people. We got ourselves a good four-seater table near the entrance and by the wall where there is a power-socket — Perfect for us Ingress players. 😛

These were our orders:

Big Homus with hardboiled egg (PhP225)

Untitled Untitled
Two orders of Beni’s Falafel (PhP135@)

The Beni’s Falafel was a recommendation by the waitress. It must not be underestimated! I was very very hungry that night. We had trouble getting there from Shaw Blvd that we arrived nearly 11PM. I thought I could eat more than I could, but that Beni’s Falafel was just really heavy. Even more so when we paired it with soda. I can just imagine again the heavy and full feeling…

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We ordered hummus because it is a favorite of mine. Theirs is good. I like it. I like the oil and olives on top. I also like the idea of the hardboiled egg, but I think it can do without. Seedless olives could be better since I eat tend to eat that like chips.

I felt like I ate so much that night. But they’re healthy food choices, so I shouldn’t feel too guilty. 😛 Besides, the price isn’t bad considering the satisfaction. The price range of their food is between PhP130-PhP300.


They have tables outside the restaurant for those who wish to smoke. Though I wouldn’t recommend especially on normal working hours when a lot of jeepneys pass there. I doubt you would be able to enjoy the falafels. 😛 If you’re like me who has an issue with the smell of food sticking to your clothes and hair, well, BEWARE! That would be the only issue when you eat in their restaurant. My poncho which was inside my bag the whole time has smelled of food. And my hair and clothes…! DX It may not be much of a big deal, but if you have to head somewhere else afterwards besides home, then I suggest eating some place else for the meantime.

I would love to go back there in spite food smell issue. Besides, it’s accessible for me because it’s near my workplace. I already recommended to the usual suspects and to my officemate. So, yeah, I would definitely be visiting again.

Beni’s Falafel is at 4364 Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati. To get there from MRT Guadalupe, exit at the Taft-bound station side and ride the Ayala jeep then get off at Valdez St. That’s the street before A.Venue. It would be less than a five-minute walk from there.


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