Gratitude Log

Before anything else…

… Here’s a list of the things I’m grateful for:
  • Exhausting but successful Resilient Metro Manila workshop and press conference with Arup Manila and Arup Hongkong.
  • Meeting and working with people from Arup and Makati City ICRD
  • Dinner at Prince Albert with Arup and Makati City Government officials. It’s my first time to eat there too 🙂
  • Being re-enlightened about sanitary engineering-related topics
  • Not gaining too much weight even though I eat like a pig
  • A shabu-shabu dinner with the family and the Love.
  • Lessened quarrels with the Love
  • Being able to go home to him almost everyday.
  • Funny officemates
  • Funny boss
  • Meeting folks from Whilst We Wait.

I’m also grateful for this shirt my Mum gave. 🙂

HK Shirt From the Mum

Those are all I could think of at the moment.

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