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BeautyMNL Shopping experience + Detail makeup reviews

BeautyMNL asked me to try their online shop, which was good timing because there are a few that I’ve been curious to try. My BeautyMNL shopping experience was easy and swift with their very straightforward online store. (I forgot to screenshot the actual process of my order, so this is only a ‘reenactment.’)


Since one of my orders is already out of stock, here’s how my cart looked like prior to finalizing my order.


Ignore image above. As I was going through my files, I found that I actually did a screenshot of my summary of purchase.

Freebies are included in the cart as soon as you add an item. My free item was a St. Ives Facial Scrub.

I ordered Detail’s Matte in Detail in D15 Krysle, Stannic Matte Lipstick in DM1 Polaris, and Detail Duo Liquid Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pen in DD1 and Innisfree’s NO-SEBUM Mineral Powder.


I was able to place my orders on a Friday, but BeautyMNL does not ship on weekends. I had to wait the following week. I assumed my order would be processed on Monday and delivered on Tuesday, but I was surprised that I received my order on Monday morning. That was very quick! I didn’t have to wait another day. πŸ˜€ I also like how they packaged my order.

For your beauty fix without having to leave the comfort of your house, room, or even maybe office chair (LOL!), BeautyMNL is the place to go to. They have more than 300 brands to choose from. They also have an online magazine called Bloom that’s frequently updated, which you can check to help you pick out with recommendations. πŸ™‚

You might also like to join BeautyMNL’s monthly selfie contest. Details are here. You can get a chance to win a Printster polaroid of yourself and a PHP200 BeautyMNL GC.

Since I already tested the Detail makeup I ordered, I might as well give my review. πŸ™‚

Matte in Detail in D15 Krysle

Matte in Detail in D15 Krysle, PhP225
Matte in Detail in D15 Krysle, PhP225

D15 Krysle looks medium brown in the tube, but the finish is a light brown-nude. It’s almost the same color as my lips. It’s that light.

The applicator is a small doe-foot, which picks up enough product for one application on either upper or lower lips and the size is just right for my thin lips. It reminds me of the applicator of the Dior Lip Maximizer, but that picks up enough for the whole lips.


The liquid lipstick goes on opaque in a single swipe. I didn’t have to build it up, which is actually good because I hate to build up matte liquid lipsticks. They become tacky and would crack and crumble. It also feels light on the lips.


This product has lots of good reviews in BeautyMNL, so I might be the only one on this–I dislike this matte lipstick for its scent and taste and tackiness. The scent reminds me of plastic balloons. Those born in the early 80s would know what that is.

Image source:
Image source:

The scent doesn’t come off at all even after 30 minutes of wear. I tested for its longevity while eating pasta and it made my food taste like plastic balloon! I had to remove it. I don’t know if I’m getting more sensitive to smell as I get older, but I have other scented liquid lipsticks and they’re not as irritating as this. Also, I didn’t expect it would be tacky especially near the corners even if it dries down because its consistency is so thin.

Such a shame because it’s an affordable local brand and I would use and promote it if it weren’t for those issues. πŸ™

Matte in Detail ingredients
Matte in Detail ingredients

Stannic Matte Lipstick in DM1 Polaris

Now this is a better liquid lipstick. I wish their regular mattes have the same formula as this metallic shade.

Stannic Matte Lipstick in DM1 Polaris, PhP245
Stannic Matte Lipstick in DM1 Polaris, PhP245

DM1 Polaris looks rose copper in the tube, but its finish is an opaque, light copper. I guess all their liquid lipsticks would come out lighter on me. I think this shade is wearable for day or work looks especially for those with fair and medium skin tones because its finish isn’t a bright metallic.

The applicator is different as it has a paddle-type applicator, but still easy to use on my thin lips.


It has a slight candy scent that goes away after some minutes. This isn’t tacky too. The only downside is that it can feel drying. But that’s usually expected from a matte lipstick that completely dries down.


I want to use this as often as I can. I’ll have to test it out as a lip topper.

Detail Duo Liquid Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pen in DD1

Detail Duo Liquid Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pen in DD1, PhP199
Detail Duo Liquid Eyeliner and Eyebrow Pen in DD1, PhP199

DD1 is the darkest, I think, among the three available shades. There’s not much information in the website. This is like a ‘blind’ order, but it did look the darkest based on the photo in the product page. I wanted DD2, but it was out of stock at the time.


Fortunately for me, the brow pen is not that opaque. The slanted tip is good for precise application and filling in and it is not too soft nor hard. I get a finish that is quite natural; you can’t go wrong or harsh with it. It will take more work to get “Instagram brows” if that’s what you prefer.

Twisted all the way
Twisted all the way

The liquid liner isn’t pigmented too. Although that’s fine with me for a work makeup look, but if you’re looking for an intense black then this isn’t it. Though there’s no claim, I think the product still fails if this is supposed to be a jet black eyeliner.


Longevity seems good enough and it didn’t smudge or wear off, but it is so easy to remove with a wet tissue. I need to test this more.

Swatches of liquid eyeliner and brow pencil
Swatches of liquid eyeliner and brow pencil

I tried to do a winged eyeliner with it, which I’m not really good at, but I was able to do it easily without messing up.

So far, among these three, I would recommend the Stannic range and the brow pencil. πŸ™‚

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