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Bearbrick Series 24 Snoopy

I went to Hot Toys flagship store Toy Hunters in HK. Other than Hot Toys, they have Revoltech, plamos, and blind boxes among others. I went through their blind boxes in hopes of Gloomy Bear zipper pulls or other Gloomy Bear merchandise, but I found Be@rbrick Series 24 and 25. Series 25 was pricey, so I didn’t check it that much.

Be@rbrick Series 24 Snoopy

Be@rbrick S24 Snoopy 001

Be@rbrick S24 Snoopy 002
The box I first got hold of.

I showed the box to my Mom; I told her I want it and hoped it was Felix the Cat. She said it might be Snoopy. Dude, it still didn’t occur to me that it _is_ a Snoopy in the box. πŸ˜† I thought she asked a salesperson. LOL!

Be@rbrick S24 Snoopy 003

Be@rbrick S24 Snoopy 005

Be@rbrick S24 Snoopy 006
Comes with sticker

I’m a happy Snoopy fan. πŸ˜€

Be@rbrick Series 25 and 26

Out of curiosity, I checked for the latest Be@rbrick series. The latest is Series 26, but I also checked 25.

Series 25. NGE fans might like. πŸ˜‰
(Image source: Hungeree)

Be@brick Series 25 Secret
Series 25 Secret figures. Can you guess which one I want? πŸ˜€
(Image source: INSTINCTOY)

Be@brick Series 26
Be@brick Series 26
(Image source: ToyBeast)

Now this:

Be@rbrick White
(Image source:

The secret figures from the current series are also awesome.

Be@brick Series 26 Secret!!!
Be@brick Series 26 Secret!!!
(Image source: INSTINCTOY)

Last I checked a Be@rbrick series was during the release of Series 19 and 20. There wasn’t anything I liked, but now…! They want to make my wallet cry. πŸ™

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