Band comeback? Hihi~ *crosses fingers*

K. Wasabi went on hiatus for months to find instrument players and a vocalist. I thought it’s time again we get the band back on track. Nothing will happen if we just wait for those lacking members to arrive. Now I’m crossing my fingers this will keep up.

Luv, who I met years ago through CBI or their drummer Jun, invited the band to play at Capone’s last March 29. We were supposed to play for two Mondays there (the Monday before the 29th) yet our bassist said we need more days of practice. He has a point because I am also temporarily singing for the band. 😐 I wanted the gig to be a secret because to save me from humiliation. My posts about band and guitar practices in Twitter and Plurk gave it away though. Some wanted to watch, but still weren’t able to go. Anyway, it was understandable being that it was a Monday night after all. At least not a lot saw me sweat and croak in nervousness. *lol* Their eagerness and support were enough to motivate me to practice hard.

>Zion Monday started around 11:30PM. It was 30 minutes late because the high school graduation party that was said to end at 11PM had to extend. Their guest band didn’t start performing until 11PM. Pfft. As soon as the grad-party’s band was done, we set up on stage quickly. We did a 30-minute set with songs by No Doubt, Goldfinger, and Sublime. I almost killed myself singing the guy songs. *coughs*

[singlepic id=201 w=400]
Reyton, Maru, and the poser/wannabe HAHA~

Rain and Jan took pictures of the band which I have yet to see. *pokes both* 😀

Thanks, Rain, for this picture.
Gad, I ♥ my poor and beaten guitar.

[singlepic id=202 w=400]
Thanks, Colt45! ROFLMAO

We went to the terrace of Capone’s to let our sweat dry, breathe some polluted air, and drink cold Colt45 after our performance. I don’t drink beer anymore, but I didn’t give a damn that night. I was thirsty and beer was my Gatorade — my savior. LULz~

Camwhoring and goofing around ensued…

[singlepic id=203 w=400]
Jan and I look like a couple here. I shouldn’t have joined in the picture.
I ‘ship the bassist and Jan so bad. Hrhr~

[singlepic id=204 w=400]
There’s the drummer and vocalist of CBI.

For a Monday night, it was fun and amazing. That was unforgettable. I’m deeply grateful to Jan for being around. She helped carry my effects and cables. Thanks again to Rain for photographing us. There’s also Jhong for being supportive and Jun for taking care of us. Last, but not the least, my deepest gratitude to Luv for remembering and inviting K. Wasabi. 😀

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