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Bad Bird, your fried chicken in umami spices

I’ve been hearing a lot about Bad Bird and very often from my colleague, so I decided to already this fried chicken place. And in my first visit to Bad Bird, that was also my first visit to Century City Mall’s Hole in the Wall even though I frequent the mall. So there are several obscure dining options in Hole in the Wall. I wish the Plurkers had gone here instead when we had a meet last December. The dining area is great even for big groups not to mention the variety of food selection. Wait, were they already opened then? Anyway, I won’t be talking about Hole in the Wall in this post. πŸ™‚

Bad Bird 20150226_210714

Bad Bird offers fried chicken in different umami spices. They don’t have much on their overhead display menu, but when I saw the choices I thought I wanted to try them all. Good thing they have three set plates to choose from which gets you to try out at least two sides — Waffle, Dirty Rice, and Corn and Coleslaw Plates. I ♥ corn, so I’m sure you can guess what I ordered.

Bad Bird 20150226_213547
Corn and Coleslaw Plate with Chicken in Chemical Spice

I was so happy with my choice. LOL! I love the corn with Japanese mayo, bonito flakes, and togarashi. The kimchi coleslaw was delicious that the boyfran could barely keep himself from getting some from my plate. The boyfran ordered the Waffle Plate which was alright, but I think the waffles would work with the chemical spicy chicken.

Bad Bird 20150226_213559

Just look at that Chicken in Chemical Spice… Doesn’t that make you crave? πŸ˜€ The flavor and spice goes beyond the chicken skin. It’s so juicy and really ‘chemical.’ If you can’t take very hot and spicy food, there’s the safe and spicy choices.

The food ranges from PhP100 to PhP350 for a single person. The meals may be pricey for some, but look at what you’ll get for the price. My plate is a must try. ;D I’ll be heading there later this evening. If you’ll be around and want to say hi or eat with us, please do. ;D

Bad Bird is located at the far end of Hole in the Wall, 4/F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Makati City.

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