By Lake Zürich

Back in Switzerland!

By Lake Zürich
By Lake Zürich

I finally got my busy butt to write, but for now it will be my flight to and the first two days of my stay in Switzerland. Time went so fast, I didn’t realize, now there’s very few days left until I go back to the Philippines. I hate to admit that I’m sort of not looking forward to it.

This is my first time to be on a long flight alone. I rode Singapore Airlines with a single layover at Singapore Changi Airport. That was my first time in Singapore (surprise?), so my stop there was sort of an adventure especially with the sudden flight delay. Fortunately their airport has awesome WiFi connection that besides Ingress I even got to blog. As soon as I arrived in the airport, I called my Mom for her request from there then I called my boyfriend who, to my joy, was still awake then thankfully. Otherwise, I would have gotten bored even though I had my journal and PS Vita to keep me entertained.

20150701_214848 Changi Airport Carpet
Singapore Changi Airport magic carpet
20150701_230244 Singapore Changi Airport
20150701_230519 Singapore Changi Airport
Supposedly there was a different display here based on the portals in Ingress. 😛

After much walking playing Ingress and taking random pictures, I then find out from a Singapore Air lady staff that my flight was delayed for about three hours. She had to say it with sarcasm even.

20150701_231234 Singapore Changi Airport
Glad to have found empty seats with charging docks when my gadgets were almost drained.

They only gave out the notice at the gate.

20150702_022139 Delay Letter and Survey from Singapore Airlines
The supposed time of departure was 1AM.

They did give out food, but I wish the sandwich had salami instead of ham and cheese. I was so excited to get to Switzerland and have endless salami! XD The takeoff was still minutes late, but we arrived on time in Zürichafter hours of loneliness in the plane. Btw, I watched during the flight “It Follows” which was creepy and weird and not the best to watch when it’s all dark in the plane. I also saw “Still Alice.” Good movie; makes me want to read the book.

20150702_111123 Zürich Airport
I wouldn’t have noticed the sweet couple if Kat hadn’t mentioned.

These were my first drink and meal when I arrived in Switzerland.

20150702_121210 Rivella
Been drinking as much of this as I can while I’m here.
Veal and salat

Before heading _home_, I visited a music school that’s located in Bülach Railway Station.

20150702_143050 Train Station
Train station that has fast wifi

Did some groceries and got me a variety of berries since these are not cheap or always available back in the Philippines.

20150702_201320 Berries
My favorite to snack on

On day two in Switzerland, I walked around the busy streets of Zürich.




This is a portal. XD


Zürich University
I enjoy the trams. (Like a kid.)

Taking the tram would be an easy way to tour some parts of Zürich. I took a lot of photos while in the tram.




Magic Mike XXL!!! Funny that my boyfriend reminded me about this movie. XD;
Nearing Zürich Opera House


20150703_113821 Zürich Opera House
Closer look of the Zürich Opera House

Kids probably heading to the lake because good weather here is very rare
The fountain suddenly went off blocking our group photo
*cues Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake*


We had our lunch at Santa Lucia Corso, an Italian restaurant that does handmade pasta, near the Zürich Opera House and Lake Zürich.

20150703_123122 Al Tonno Spaghetti
I had the Spaghetti Al Tonno and a glass of wine
20150703_131450 Movenpick
Lunch won’t be complete without dessert (it’s also an attempt to beat the heat)
20150703_131500 Movenpick
I had to have the Swiss Chocolate :3



Sighseeing from the tram again



We’ve gone home earlier than I expected probably because there was no time wasted on traffic.

So that concludes the first two days of this trip. Here’s the roundup of places visited (this is also for my future reference):

  • Singapore Changi Airport
  • Zürich Airport
  • Musikschule Bülach
    Bahnhof Bülach, Bahnhofstrasse 55, 8180 Bülach
  • Jelmoli (some shoe shopping)
  • Zürich
  • Zürich University
  • Bellevueplatz – Santa Lucia Corso
    Theaterstrasse 10, 8001 Zürich
  • Bellevueplatz — Mõvenpick

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