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Years ago I only needed Notepad or WordPad. Even MS Word! LOL But now with all the ideas that come in mind whenever and wherever and with so much I want to write, those are not enough. I can’t be bothered with lots of text files or make a long-ass one. I’m not in front of the computer all the time. Like while walking or in transit. That’s when I usually get ideas (I’m sure everyone else too). I never got the habit of bringing pen and paper. It would be messy. But thanks to technology and gadgets, it is easy to jot down notes and ideas.

The following apps are what I use to help me organize my thoughts.

  • iThoughtsHD is the first mindmap app I have on the iOS. I never bothered to try another. I use this for note-taking on meetings and outlining for reports. This is great on the iPad.

  • The mindmap app I use for the PC is FreeMind; also for work matters. The best thing with FreeMind is that it’s free.

  • Awesome Note — I had a bunch of note-taking apps in my iOS devices, but lost them eventually. I got Awesome Note instead and I’m sticking with this. I use this for drafting blog posts while offline and on-the-go. I know iOS already has Notes, but I prefer an app with organization function. I can also make doodles or mindmap with this. Check this if you like to-do/task list apps.

  • I also have the WordPress app in both Android and iOS. This is great when I’m online and there’s a sudden idea for a blog post. I can quickly make a draft and save. No need for copying and pasting from Awesome Note. 😛

These apps help me write better whether it be for work or my blog. My posts are more sensible now. LOL I used to just type and publish without qc-ing. Well, I still do that but very seldom and only in my blog.

I also use mindmap apps for blog posts, but because the apps are in my gadgets for work which I don’t usually open at home then it won’t be time efficient. Mindmapping also helps me to understand more and visualize my thoughts. You know the feeling when you have an idea but can’t define clearly the the output? How about goal reaching? Mindmap helps. I would love to use iThoughtsHD in all my iOS, but syncing might be a problem. As I said, I’m not online all the time. Also, mindmaps looks better on a big screen. So I’ll stick with the above apps as they work for me.

There is no excuse now for me to miss an idea. There’s also no excuse not to be able to write. *pokes at procrastinating blogger friends*

Writers, please share your tools. Maybe there’s something better that I have yet to discover. 😀

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  1. The ones I have installed are. WordPress, Evernote and Writer. The first two is great because it can save offline then synch when you go online. The last one is purely offline and stores locally. I also have Today as a sort of daily journal.

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