Another night at El Buono

Thank you November celebrants, Joiz and Drew, for a filling pizza, pasta, and iced tea at El Buono last Saturday. šŸ˜€ I’m glad it pushed through in spite of everybody’s busy schedule. It was another night of fun tiemz~

Agfa HDC Plus 100 Films

I got my films which I almost forgot about. šŸ˜› Thanks, Ryan!

Here’s to prove our El Buono get-together:

2010-1127 El Buono 001

Thanks, Joiz, for letting me try your hat. šŸ˜€

2010-1127 El Buono 002

As usual, I look sabog. That’s my iced tea btw.

2010-1127 El Buono 003

Left to right: Drew, Kat, and Joiz

And the SHOCK of the night:

2010-1127 El Buono 004


Who would have thought? XDDD; J/k! They beat me and Marsha on a sweet picture. Tsk, tsk~ šŸ˜›

Kira was with me and the Marsha, but I forgot to take pictures of it. Poor thing. He didn’t get a single pizza nor did he have any shots from us. šŸ™ But the ladies and gents had a great time with him. *waits for pics of Kira from ’em*

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