Another Isshin night and a Sunday wedding

The recent weekend wasn’t as busy as the other weekend. The plans were mostly fail, but I still got to spend the Saturday night with my girl friends Phoebe and Jan and the Sunday with my bandmates. ♥ The other weekend, I had an Isshin dinner with friends on the Saturday night and attended an officemate’s wedding on the Sunday.

Phoebe came up with Isshin dinner plan. She had been planning a reunion of sorts with somebody, but that somebody still couldn’t make it. Instead of canceling the dinner for the second time, we pushed through with the plan. The night started with only me and Phoebe since we were so hungry and itched for cigs. I had my usual Tekka Don and oolong tea.

My girls are so cute 😀

I hate that I look and pose like a girl. DX

Jan and I don’t have a duo pic. Aww~

Thank you, Isshin staff, for taking our picture. 😀

I wanted to have dessert elsewhere. Only relocating wasn’t an option because Phoebe had to go home early. I had the simple-looking coffee jelly with ice cream on top:

Isshin 2010-0522 008

More pictures here. I forgot about 3 or 4 more camwhoring pictures. LOL

The following day was my officemate’s wedding. The wedding was held in San Agustin Church and reception at Tamayo’s. Since I could bring one person with me, I asked Jan to be my escort. 😛 But with the dress she wore, I look more of the escort. ^^;;;

Jerik and Arni Wedding 015
Jan & I

Jerik and Arni Wedding 004
The newly-weds
This is the only decent and cute picture I have of them. :3

Jerik and Arni Wedding 008
Jan at the entrance of Tamayo’s with some kid being annoying.

It must have taken more than hour before the program started. So we had these snacks and left almost nothing for the others in the table. LOL

Jerik and Arni Wedding 018

Aside from a guestbook to sign well-wishes, there’s also this:

Jerik and Arni Wedding 013

Jerik and Arni Wedding 014
I wanted to write FIRST! LOL

Jerik and Arni Wedding 019Jerik and Arni Wedding 020
A family with 3 (or 4, I forgot) kids shared the table with us

Jerik and Arni Wedding 022
One of the program starters is a short dance performance of the Tamayo’s waiters

Jerik and Arni Wedding 023
Family, relatives, friends of newly-wed, and our boss gave speeches during dinner

Jerik and Arni Wedding 030
A picture with (left to right) Jaja, Doy, and Leeza after the reception.
And before we had the photobooth to ourselves. >D

Photobooth 001
If only I could take home the cowboy hat…

Photobooth 005
Pre-nuptial pictures should be like this >D

I forgot to get something for the couple. I hope my Misalette contribution and the video me and my officemates did were enough 🙂 Other shameless pictures here.

Now there’s one blog post published out of what seems like a hundred. =_= I should try not procrastinate for too long. *shakes head*

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