Another fun weekend of dinner, shopping, and Iron Man 3

Fun times have been had again over the weekend. Again, with the usual suspects. Joiz was finally present! 😀

Max's Buko Pandan #foodporn #LumixGX1 P1060387 Last Friday's tea. I think I had the Apricot Ceylon or Tropical Passion. #teasir #iPhone

Friday was good in spite of a slow work day. It became shitty come late afternoon with someone getting furious due to the heavy traffic. The anger was passed to me when I had to rush to a dinner at Max’s with Joiz and Kat and I got stuck on the highway. Jeepney driver could have avoided the traffic _if_ he took a different route. I wanted to push him off the driver’s seat and take the wheel… As if that would make things better. So I tried to chill by looking at the buttons of the lights in the jeepney or whatever they were. One button had “booster” labeled under it. I thought Gundam boosters and imagined that could let us fly to my destination. Lols. I arrived almost two hours after meeting time. Fortunately, there were still some food when I arrived. (Thanks, Kat! ^_^) After dinner, we had coffee and tea and hung out until almost 2AM.

Btw, please be mindful of your surroundings _to avoid humiliation_. Kat, Joiz, and I walked to CBTL for the dessert and hot drinks. Along the way, we were to cross a basement parking exit. That exit has a loud alarm when a vehicle would be passing through. It rang and everyone supposed to cross stopped. Then I felt a hand on my right shoulder. I thought it was Kat being a ‘concerned citizen’ keeping me from walking further. It was actually a random boy who mistook me for his tall guy friend. >_>

Steamed Chicken With Mushroom & Porcino @ Yomenya Goemon Devil Pizza @ Yomenya Goemon Galit-galit on IRON MAN THREE #iPhone

I met up with the usual suspects again that Saturday around noon time. Minus Joiz, Drew was there and so was Kat’s sister. Our plan was to watch IRON MAN THREE first then go shopping. Due to the ridiculous crowd in the theater (and the senior citizens who took their sweet time choosing seats), our plan was changed to lunch, then shopping, and last was the movie. We did our shopping in Cotton On and scored good deals. We even got a picture and cotton candy. Drew seemed partly amused and displeased with the stop at Cotton On. XD;

The Iron Man movie was a feast for the eyes. It nearly moved me to tears. All the more when I saw the *toot* *tooooooooot* XDDD I very much want to watch it again.

After the day with the usual suspects, I went with the family to my Ninong’s wake. His sudden death shocked us all. It’s really, really sad. We will miss him definitely. At least he didn’t suffer too much as well as his family.

Dog butt #iPhone Meet Optimus Prime #iPhone #cutiedoggie Optimus Prime, or OP, can stand straight #cutiedoggie #iPhone But don't stand on my iPad, Optimus Prime! #cutiedoggie #iPhone

On that first visit to the wake, I got to dog-sit my Ninong’s family’s pet Optimus Prime. He is so small and light. He tried to pull me and I didn’t have to use much effort to keep him from doing so unlike with my dog Marie. ^^;;;

Finally, Sunday was chillax and afternoon conversations day. ♥

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