And another weekend passed

Unlike most, I dread weekends because I usually have nothing going on. I just rot in my room surrounded with my mess. Actually, they’re all on the foot of my bed. I just kick them before and during my sleep. HAHA~ I think my room can beat a boy’s except I have a dresser with makeup all over. XD; Since I’m often lazy to do anything about the mess, I just catch up on sleep, watch anime or movies, lie down and refresh Twitter in my iPod. Watching almost the whole day isn’t that bad, but I feel I’m wasting two days of my life every week. Ugh~

Last, last weekend and just recently were different though. They were fun and busy! The first was that night with the ladies Joiz, Jey, & Phoebe. Then this recent Saturday, I met up with the LomoMatrix Manila gang. I was terribly late no thanks to my brother. >_< The meeting was at Eastwood and at the mall where I had an OJT during its construction. I haven’t been there for almost 10 years, I guess. D: I was glad I was able to catch up with whoever were left to further discuss the important stuff of the project. I am very bad at remembering names but I do remember their faces. ^^;;; It was great seeing them and especially hanging out with Kara even if it was just over very late lunch. 🙂 I only had an hour and a half of sleep, so I kind of looked forward to going home. But Maru said we meet up with our parents for a free ride home. I agreed, but we ended up not going home until 9:30PM. LOL The parents had to go to Walter Mart Makati where Maru and I did a bit of laugh trip in Japan Home Center. Then we went to The Venice Piazza because a friend of my Mum recommended Ramen Bar. My Mum kept calling it Ramen House. Maru and I looked for it online, but all we could find was Shinjuku Ramen House and Ramen Tei. ^^;;; We found out the real name when we got to The Venice Piazza. Thankfully I know where that Venice Piazza is because of the visits to my boss’ place and the uber dope British Embassy. Yes, uber dope. XD I didn’t know that Lee Dewyze would be performing there. My brother and I saw a poster of his in Eastwood and my first comment was, “I can’t pronounce his surname!” Don’t ask me about his songs or how his voice is on live because we couldn’t hear him from inside the restaurant. I only heard him say ‘thank you’ when we were about to leave.

Here’s everything else pictures most of which are taken with the Digital Harinezumi. 🙂

PICT0065 PICT0066





PICT0075 PICT0079

PICT0076 PICT0077
Momo Cafe models XDDD


PICT0081 PICT0083

PICT0091 PICT0090

PICT0096 PICT0101

PICT0104 PICT0107
I look tired. 😐


Where Kara, Maru, and I had late lunch

IMG_0480 IMG_0481 IMG_0482
Japanese again; I had yakisoba & takoyaki for lunch + water :3




*sighs* More buildings being constructed…

PICT0120 PICT0123
Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

That manga macapuno smoothie I had from Momo Cafe:


Yesterday was Mother Day. I guess the dinner at Ramen Bar last Saturday night was already our celebration.

PICT0126 PICT0127



PICT0133 PICT0134

PICT0136 PICT0137



Free ice cream! This is yummy. :9

Lee Dewyze’s stage

What did you do for your Mum’s day? 🙂

Photos: LomoMatrix Manila initial meeting
The Venice Piazza and Ramen Bar

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