An early V-day with Max’s

Thank you, Max’s and Bright Idea Events, for another appetizing and sweet night! I was able to join in an early Valentine’s Day celebration at Max’s last February 7, 2012 with fellow bloggers, including my speshul friends Joiz, Kat, & Ry. My cutie Yotsuba was also with us too. It is a kind of tradition for us now as last year we visitedΒ The Glass Knife cafe in Winter Park, FL.

Max's Gb1 2012-0207 003

I hope some of you have gone to Max’s lately especially just this Valentine’s Day. They launched a line of heart-warming desserts to, not only to satisfy your sweet tooth, but to have a wider variety of delights to share with your loves. They can also be a personal treat. πŸ˜‰

HEARTy baked goodies

To fit the mood of the month (or at least the first couple of weeks), their cakes have been shaped to a heart.

Heart-shaped cakes

We were lucky to be able to taste some of their Valentines treats. More after the jump.

Kat and I met up first before we headed to Max’s Greenbelt 1 where their V-day early celebration was held.

Max's Heart Day 2012 001

Max's Heart Day 2012 002
Yotsuba’s company was Kat’s Danbo

Joiz arrived a little later. Ry followed after.

Max's Heart Day 2012 003

I skipped out on an afternoon snack just for the dinner. Kat and I were tempted to take peanuts from another table because we were both starving! LOL Kare-kare, bangus, sinigang, and the classic chicken were eventually served on our table. I think, just right after Joiz arrived.

Max's Heart Day 2012 004

The night didn’t stop with just the dinner. Max’s prepared an entertaining program with games and they introduced their Valentine treats which was actually the reason why we were there. Honestly, I had no idea! I thought it was just so we could feel how V-day could be like at Max’s and so we could share the experience to everyone else. :D;;;

Max's Heart Day 2012 005
Emcees of the night

Max's Heart Day 2012 006 Max's Heart Day 2012 007
Introductions, welcoming guests

Max's Heart Day 2012 008
Pastry Bites

Max's Heart Day 2012 009 Max's Heart Day 2012 010
Yotsuba wants some too πŸ˜€

Max's Heart Day 2012 011
Banana Chocolate, Black Forest, and Blueberry cupcakes

They had us try almost everything!

Max's Heart Day 2012 012
Sugar cookies

Max's Heart Day 2012 013
Chocolate Moist Cake

Max's Heart Day 2012 014
Showcasing their heart-shaped cakes

Max's Heart Day 2012 015 Max's Heart Day 2012 016

Max's Heart Day 2012 018
Singles game

There was a compatibility game for couples after the singles. It would have been fun and LOL-able to take part in it. The last game was to look for the other half of a heart cut-out that were under our seats. Kat was a lucky winner… Of more cakes! πŸ™‚

Max's Gb1 2012-0207 001

Max's Gb1 2012-0207 003

Max's Heart Day 2012 017

Did you go to Max’s and try their Valentine treats? Oh, I want to share an experience with Max’s last Valentine’s Day. I was about to get a cake from Max’s at Greenbelt 1, but they ran out of cakes. o_o They said they’ll just have it delivered in a couple of days. Yet there’s no assurance it will still be heart-shaped. It didn’t matter as long as I have my cake. Surprisingly, they delivered it the following day and apologized for not sending it on the 14th. It’s still heart-shaped too. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Max’s!

About Max?s Restaurant

Max?s is the country?s leading fast-casual dining restaurant that serves the infamous ?sarap-to-the-bones? fried chicken. Among every Filipino?s list of their most loved brands, Max?s traces its roots to a family?s generosity and passion for good food. Max?s, ?the house that chicken built,? continues to innovate and expand worldwide with plans to open branches outside the United States. Today, Max?s Restaurant has established itself as a household name with 123 branches in the Philippines and 11 branches in global locations. Max?s is an institution, and a proud Filipino tradition, zealously upholding the values passed on from its early beginnings in 1945 to the present ?day generation of food aficionados.

About Max?s Corner Bakery

Max?s Corner Bakery is the bakery brand of Max?s Restaurant, one of the most enduring global Filipino brands today. Max?s Corner Bakery is famous for its perennial dessert ? the Max?s Caramel Bar, and a roster of other oven-fresh, saccharine treats that have captured the heart of Filipinos all over the world. Max?s Corner Bakery?s delectable product line includes a wide variety of cupcakes, classic and custom-made cakes, breads and pastries.

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