Almost got mugged

Two Saturdays ago, the Black Saturday, I went out on a late afternoon to meet up with Joiz and Marco to watch Clash of the Titans in 3D. I was already running late. I left past 6PM when the movie starts by 6:50PM. I forgot to consider commute time, ticket lines, and the time I have to decide in what to eat. 😐 When commuting to Ayala, I ride the jeep in South Superhighway. The wait for a jeep took longer than usual. There weren’t much jeepneys. Most drivers must have still been in vacation mode then.

As I stood there waiting, people kept walking past behind me. There’s this one guy who I took notice. He looked like one of those who would do something bad. Well, he did. I checked my back because I felt a presence. I saw him there, he smirked, and, in seconds, he grabbed me from behind.

Many things ran through my mind. First, was he holding a weapon? I quickly came to a conclusion that he didn’t, so I did a tug-of-war with him with my handbag. Good thing, in the instant he grabbed me, I moved the handbag to my shoulder which lessened his chances of easily getting it. I’m pretty sure he wasn’t giving his all his strength.

That lasted for about 2 minutes. He let go of my bag, stood in front of me, and smirked again. I looked at him and saw another guy nearing us that made me realize why the jerk let go. As much as I wanted to run away, my legs felt heavy and my body shook. Shock has overcome my fear, but my body knew better.

I went to the guy who was my savior. I didn’t know how to express my gratefulness for his presence there. All I could do was say a mere thank you. 🙁 He asked if I was fine and I said yeah. Another guy came over and told me that I should be where there are more people. He’s right. I sometimes wait where the rest of the people are, but I’m more used to that spot.

I am beyond thankful that nothing happened to me and I didn’t lose anything. Thanks to everyone’s concern (even if others were about to start green jokes on it). ^^;;; What an experience. I guess that’s what I get for asking again for an excitement in my life. I never learn. DX The trouble that day didn’t end there, but that would be another blog post.


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