Alice in Wonderland in just a few days

Alice in Wonderland would start showing on March 4. I expected it to be showing on the 5th, but to my surprise it was moved a day early. 😀

Cheshire cat
It’s the Cheshire cat… Gone blue. O_o

Anne Hathaway as the White Queen
Anne Hathaway as the White Queen
— Isn’t she supposed to be in Through the Looking-Glass? O_o

Any of my friends free on Thursday night to watch the movie? *pokes Karen, Joiz, and Jan* 😀 Maybe going in either costumes would get us in for free. *lol*

Alice in Wonderland costumes

I want the green dress! ♥ It’s pretty. *_* Then imma beautify myself with the Urban Decay’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND BOOK OF SHADOWS.

UD's Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows

Yes, I’m getting that palette! Too bad it won’t be arrive in time for the movie, but it would be in my hands soon. *crosses fingers that nothing will jinx it* 😛 Then winning the limited edition pocket watch would complete the getup!

Alice in Wonderland LE pocket watch
Alice in Wonderland limited edition pocket watch

I want! Azrael’s giving that away. ^_^ Head on over to his site for more information.

*pokes again Karen, Joiz, and Jan* 😛


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