Aikawa Nanase – Owarinai Yume (IY 3rd op)

Can somebody give me lyrics to this song? ^^ I like it very much.

Anyway, this is up again!! wo0t! I’m not using Greymatter though. *sweatdrop* But it’s all cool. I’m using MovableType. Kakkoi~ It’s professional-lookin’ too. I wanted to give up when I first tried it and I don’t know how to handle those with MySQL requirements. But all went well and here I am now, posting away! *lol* This is so cool! XDDD Bai-baii hard times with Blogger. *grins wickedly*

I will have to update this layout, the links, and other stuff. I also got a big space, so I could prolly host a few persons. If you’re interested, just e-mail me. That’s the only way to contact me or thru AIM if you want quicker response. I’m often online unless I’m busy. If you got something to show off or if you think you got content, but no html-ing skills you can still talk to me. ^^

I’m going to blog again later prolly. I have tons to talk about. XD I had a good day at my old high school yesterday. Koyasu and his cousin, Roel (?), were there too. Cool, isn’t it?

Koya, I’ll try to make you a layout. *lol* My brain’s kind drained right now. I mean, I couldn’t think of a good layout design. Mwahahahahha~ Or I just couldn’t find good pics. What would you like in your layout? I mean, I really don’t know your faves. ^______^;;;

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