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Ai ga Aru kara by FUJIMOTO Haruki

Ai ga Aru kara is a single-volume collection of eight short stories.

  1. Ai ga Aru kara
  2. Re:Cycle
  3. Kemono Dou
  4. Omoeba Tooku e Kita mada
  5. Dourakuteki Matomo na Nichijou
  7. Hana Aogu
  8. Tooku de Mikaketa Ano Hito wa (sequel to first story/chapter)

All stories are about salaryman/salarymen and I think only one has an “older uke.” Just in case someone has a preference for their yaoi. πŸ˜‰ They’re all light drama, but I liked the first story in particular with a sequel last chapter.Β 

SPOILER ALERT! It’s about unrequited love. I hoped there would be more on them, but it seems what’s in here is all we get.



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