A weekend of Flores de Mayo, Mentore dinner, and the Moms Day

After I finished ??? E1, I didn’t know what to do anymore on my Saturdays. I was used to studying on that day and Sunday would be partial rest day because that is also grocery day. I then realized I still have so many things to do. Besides de-cluttering my room and second home, I need to go through a lot of documents in three external drives. T_T I’ve deleted many already, but I still have a ways to go. Anyway, I think I had a pretty productive, busy weekend.

Makati LGU had the Flores de Mayo activity last Friday. As expected, the Mayflower Queen’s float was the same as last year’s. We definitely didn’t like it and never will.


Make a better looking float please.

This year, Makati’s 2015 Mayflower Queen is Ms. Jasmine Smith-Curtis. (Last year it was Ms. Georgina Wilson.) Here’s a photo spam!

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The other girls have prettier makeup and were more flamboyant than the Mayflower Queen. Even their floats. Why is that?


If you have been following my Facebook or Twitter, you should know I got stuck in ridiculous heavy traffic because of the parade… And these Jasmine photos weren’t enough to make up for it. To test further my patience, my favorite Melissa shoes got broken because of a woman who kicked the ribbon off as she walked past me. I was so angry that I couldn’t help but told her off. I would have gone “Mentos” mode to remedy the then odd-looking shoes, but decided against it. I might end up with plain jane Melissas. They’d still look nice, but I’d still prefer the Jason Wu design. Not wanting the night to be ruined, I just chilled at the favorite usual place. I waited for the boyfriend for our dinner date. I also finished reading The Miracle of Mindfulness of Thich Nhat Hanh. (I posted some quotes from the book over at Instagram. :)) That’s one book out of 15 I have to read this year. 🙂 The weekend traffic made my boyfriend arrive late. Instead of ramen at Little Tokyo, we went to Mentore by UCC. We both ♥ their omurice. I had Pork Omurice with pork cutlet. I think I’ll stick with the regular omurice. This was heavier than the latter. ^^;;;


I don’t like celery, but that celery and leek roll is delicious. ♥

On Saturday, I stayed home and was glued to the computer the whole day. I went through my external drives, found many old pictures from personal to anime to 90s Kpop. LOL There’s some 90s Kpop mp3 too.

Sunday was a busy time at home and for my mom and not because it was Moms Day. Our residence needed some attention. 😛 To celebrate Moms Day, we had dinner at Kichitora of Tokyo. They had an almond jelly treat for moms. Because the manager (I’m assuming he is) was very nice or because he just made up for a little miscommunication we had, he gave me one too and greeted me with Happy Singles. LOLOL


Yey for free dessert. Thank you, Kichitora!

Normally we don’t go extravagant on occasions such as Moms or Dads Day. Simple celebrations do for us. 🙂 Again, belated Happy Moms Day to all the moms out there!

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