A Satur-date with Drew and Kat

I remember there were talks of having a Christmas get-together. I don’t think it went how we had initially wanted and this was sort of last minute, but being together was what matters. It was great that Kat came back to Manila even for a couple of days. Only Drew and I could make it to meet up with her though.

We had our Christmas date last Saturday, Dec. 22. Lamon ang nangyari! LOL But we didn’t eat so much like how I would usually regard to as eating like it’s our last day on earth. 😛

Our early dinner was at Yomenya Goemon.

Waiting for my bacon pasta

Carbonara with Yolk & Bacon @ Yomenya Goemon

Safe order — Carbonara with yolk and bacon

I just wanted the egg.

Post-Goemon NOM NOMs


Since the resto has very limited choices for desserts, we thought of relocating. Our first option was TWG.

Twinkly twinkly lights

This is the only picture I have from there. XD;

TWG was full. We didn’t want to wait, so we headed to Caffe Ti-Amo as suggested by Drew. 🙂 I want to try the teas at TWG, but the prices make me and my wallet want to cry. Ah well, maybe next time.

Domo-kuns' Caff? Ti-amo gelato #foodporn

Dark choco and tiramisu gelato from Caffe Ti-Amo.

Gelato after Goemon

Summady’s happy. LOL


A gift from Drew 🙂

We were about to go home, but happened to see the ‘food trucks’ at Glorietta.


They call it Cucina Andare.


This makes you high, pare! XDDD

I’m so happy we went there and had midnight snack. Hrhr~ I was able to try Shawarma Bros‘ Chicken Plate. I think it needs more veggies, but the soft and tasty chicken makes up for it. (Ang saya ko, Kat! HAHAHAHAH~)


Chicken Plate

Sorry, the picture doesn’t do the food justice.

You can read information on Cucina Andare at Our Awesome Planet.

That was a fun night. 😀 I wanna do food trucking again! *pokes the usual suspects* Maybe the next time we go there, Kat and I will be performing. WAHAHAH~

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