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A get-together last May

This was before my near-suicidal days. *lol* Looking back at these pictures certainly brings back memories — when things were slightly less complicated. πŸ˜›

The City Government of Makati holds parties such as this get-together about once or twice a year. This is the second get-together I’ve been to. I think I missed one because I was out of the country then. Being that we were not sure if this would be our last time to be able to attend a get-together, we tried to enjoy as much as we could.

Get Together 2010-0527 001 Get Together 2010-0527 002
We’re allowed to be in civilian during such days

Get Together 2010-0527 003
LEEZA (girl on the right) just had to be in the picture LOL

More camwhoring in the quadrangle while waiting for the party to start:

Get Together 2010-0527 004

Get Together 2010-0527 005

Get Together 2010-0527 007 05-27-10_1810
Babies touching XD

Payday was still a few days away from then, so buying snacks for that party was out of what’s left of our budget. ^^;;; An office department pitied us though and gave us some food.

Get Together 2010-0527 010
I haven’t had Cali in years until that night.

Get Together 2010-0527 012
Ol’ folks dancing while I sat there trying to keep myself awake

The party wasn’t boring. That was my sleeping time after all.

Get Together 2010-0527 015 Get Together 2010-0527 016
Get Together 2010-0527 018
There was a band and contests that we couldn’t join in

We had a blast dancing and singing along to the band. After I was worn out from the dancing, an old (drunk) man suddenly invited me to dance with him. I didn’t want to at first because he scared me, but it seemed I didn’t have any choice. 😐 So I danced with him. I thought my arm would fall off as he kept pulling me. I also thought I would barf that he reeked of alcohol. DX

Oh, I also brought my LC-A+ that day to test out the Kodak Ultima film. No spectacular shots, but still liking the results:

On our way to grab lunch

007 009 008
Taking solo shots over lunch. Hee~ πŸ˜€

Doy’s back

We always have a picture together πŸ˜€

022 023
I now has evidence! XDDD

Yay for a group shot! Kinda fail though ^^;;;

Naika and Len — friends from another department

The film isn’t only good for day shots, but also for night. πŸ™‚ I should have bought more of the film when I had the chance because my brother told me they’re 100% more expensive now. =_= View the rest of the film shots here.

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