A day at Manila

Tuesday’s another slow and sleepy sleepy day. Staying awake during the Makati Health Development Council meeting was a challenge. X_X My stomach’s acting up too, so I feel very… Uhh… Indescribable. 😐

I skipped work the other day to get my college diploma and file for an alumni ID. I don’t know how long the security will excuse me for not having one. *lol* Jan was also with me because after the Mapua task, I would accompany her to Manila City Hall. Something was going on in Mapua when we entered the Intramuros gate nearest to the school. Then I remembered Maru telling me that Mapua’s Foundation Week was starting then.

South building parking area
Still the same; food stands still located at this side of the school’s parking

I was getting stares because I was wearing shorts. ^_^V I dislike wearing pants because it makes my legs sweat and I feel like lumpia. Me and Jan could blend in with the students, but the shorts gave it away — that we’re just visitors. *lol* Dammit, there were so many kids around. My eyes had a feast. Hrhr~

Cheapo pesto and Nestea for lunch

When I was still studying there, I never got the chance to walk around during foundation week. I either went straight to class then home or I was too busy with the band. One time I let an ex-boyfriend with me and we got to walk around for a bit. It’s rather sad to go alone in such affair. Anyway, we only wanted to buy shawarma. *lol* There was a school organization that held a car show during foundation week. I was excited at first. The excitement got crushed when someone told me that you’d see almost the same car. The rest of the students though were excited about the car models. >_>

Cheapo pesto and Nestea for lunch
Sightseeing while eating

I saw two cute boys. I was able to make eye contact with one. Hrhr~ Jan didn’t see either and LOL’d when I told her about the eye contact. I told her that if you wanna make eye contact, you gotta do something seductive with your tongue. Snake-like tongue movement. *rofl* We were laughing so loud near the classrooms not caring that we were just visitors. Man, how I miss being a student. ^_^ Maybe I should pursue creative writing before classical guitar lessons. *pokes Jan*

Anyway, the trip to Manila was only beneficial to me. Jan didn’t get to do anything for her birth certificate and passport papers due to lack of documents. *shakes head* We might have to go back again soon. After inhaling the Manila pollution, we went to Glorietta to meet up with Phoebe for our spa. 😀 We also met up with one of her friends who’s in a dilemma and I find myself being relied on to for it. =_=


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