81st AFP Founding Anniversary Static and Kinetic Display and Mini-Concert

There are so many events and activities since beginning of the month. The first I went to, for GameOPS, was the AKB48 Team 8 performance in Manila as part of the ’60 Years of Philippines-Japan Friendship Celebration.’ Though I watch Japanese series and movies and read manga, I was never a big fan of JPop. I did enjoy the performance though especially seeing their fans cheer them on. On that same day, was the (second day of) 81st AFP Founding Anniversary Static and Kinetic Display and Mini-Concert. The boyfriend and I even wondered why there were many soldiers near the BGC bus terminal.

I got more excited with AFP’s event because of the tanks exhibit and they let onlookers try on military uniforms and pose with guns.

Philippine Army Ranger #AFP #AFPRanger #Philippines #selfie

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More cool than a photo booth, right? πŸ˜€ We had no idea what their event was until I searched it on Google when I got home.

20161204_201017 81st AFP Anniversary

20161204_201322 81st AFP Anniversary
The boyfriend had fun too. πŸ™‚

20161204_202308 81st AFP Anniversary Exhibit and Mini-Concert

20161204_200339 81st AFP Anniversary
The mini-concert

20161204_201228 81st AFP Anniversary

20161204_203037 81st AFP Anniversary Exhibit and Mini-Concert

20161204_202556 81st AFP Anniversary

There were too many people by the tanks, so I couldn’t get a decent photo of those. The armed forces’ history and accomplishments were on display too, which I didn’t check. It was difficult to read with dim streetlights.

20161204_200939 81st AFP Anniversary

If my legs weren’t exhausted, I would have tried all the military branches’ uniforms.

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