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5th and 6th of March 2013 – Throwback to my USA 2013 vacation

March 5, 2013, USA Vacation

Another tourist-y day for me and my Mom.

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George Washington Uni cafeteria

I was so happy to see that the university has Dunkin’ Donuts. I’m not a huge donut fan, but I ♥ their coffee, which is not the same as those sold here in the Philippines. I also got myself a Dunkin’ Donut tumbler that time.


Abe #WashingtonDC


20130305_175623 20130305_180722 20130305_181006
Grocery time — Looks like Trader Joe’s, right?

Trader Joe’s was a block away from the hotel we stayed at, so my Mom and I would go there for groceries. It is always cheaper to get food from the grocery instead of eating out all the time.


For dinner, we ate in a Chinese restaurant right in front of the hotel. There weren’t many restaurants in the neighborhood and those in the area are either beyond our daily budget or close early.

Calamares it seems
20130305_203202 20130305_203745
20130305_203912 20130305_204043
Fortune cookie

March 7, 2013, USA

It was shopping day in Pentagon City.

Puma sweater
Puma sweater

I wanted that Puma sweater, but I still couldn’t afford it even if it was on a very discounted price. T_T


I used to be so addicted to Arizona.



Capped the night with a bitch-fez selfie.

I wish I wasn’t so lazy to get these photos up during the vacation. I was too OC with my photos, so looked what happened. Now I try to be less OC.

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