Valentine’s Day by Lianne

Valentine’s Day by Lianne: Sailor Moon; waff, G
Awww…so sweet. I wish I would have a Valentine’s Day like Usagi’s with Taya-kun. *_* Read this fic. Nicely written though it’s very long for a one-shot. The beginning is a bit boring (for me, that is), but all goes okay in the ending. ^^ You can find the fic here —

Usagi and Mamoru’s Love: Childbirth by Lianne: Sailor Moon; G
This is the third story in Lianne’s Usagi and Mamoru’s Love series. It’s so funny! You gotta read this and know Mamoru’s reaction while Usagi was giving birth! He was acting more like the one giving birth than Usagi! *LoL* But you better read the first 2 stories before this. They’re all good anyway. After this I’ll be reading the fourth story. ^_^

The Stranger in the Mirror by Leloi: Ranma 1/2; G (I think)
I didn’t get to finish reading this fic since I couldn’t understand it from the start. It runs from great-grandpas to great-granddaughters. Use of pronouns are a bit wrong. Read it if you’re interested and let me know your ideas.

The Three of Us by Nazarri: Gundam Wing; yaoi, threesome, NC-17
Wow, it’s a DuoXWufeiXHeero fic. Mwahhahahahah~ Threesome! Nah, I ain’t a pervert, it’s just a wonderful story with a yummy lemon. XD I love the fact that Duo is the uke towards Wufei and Heero’s actions were totally ooc, but it’s alright. Oh wait…I think it would have been better if it was Trowa rather than Heero. O_o

Untitled by Ryn: Fushigi Yuugi; PG-13
This is the recent fic I’ve been reading over fyfml. It’s a Byakko reincarnation fic. I hardly know anything about Byakko, maybe when I get the time I’ll start researching about this god. I hardly even remember watching about it in the series. -_-;;; Back to the fic itself, the story is nicely written and is very very interesting. I hope the author continues this. Many fics have been left unfinished. ^.^ I don’t want this one to be one of it.

The Winter’s Tale by Leareth: CCS; G
It’s a cute story between Yukito and Touya. It’s a long one-shot, wonderfully written and I love how the characters work here. It’s so sweet to see the two acting like lovers, but doing things innocently. They seem to be just friends here. Anywayz, it’s got a nice ending. Just perfect. ^_^

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