Gratitude Log

Sleepless weekend

I was up Saturday night to Sunday morning as I watched the boyfriend and his friends play Love Letter. I think I used up all my energy until Monday evening when I really shut down after dinner. 😐 Since I stopped bringing my Mac Air to the office, I couldn’t blog (or anything else nonwork-related) _during Pomodoro breaks_ anymore.

Well, I’m not giving up on my Gratitude Mondays series. There’s always a next week. LOLOL

  • Grateful to be appreciated for the covers I made for a project proposal submission for APEC.
  • Getting to hang out with friends Drew and Kat last Saturday late afternoon. We haven’t hung out much even last year actually. Will that change this year? I should have planned another New Year’s party like what we had three years ago.
  • Celebrating the birthday of the boyfriend’s friend last Saturday night, which was the reason why I lacked sleep. We talked about my highly recommended The Big Short and I watched them play AEG Love Letter until Sunday morning. All of them were very competitive that’s why they couldn’t stop playing. Oh, I didn’t play because I will just beat them all the time. LOLOL j/k!

    Love Letter
    Love Letter
  • I’m grateful for every meal that I get to eat. πŸ™‚ People would often regret the food they had especially during the holidays or Christmas season. Someone even mentioned hating the holidays because of the food. That among others is really off to me. There’s always a better way of saying it. I would be lying if I said I didn’t regret eating so much too, but, honestly, I was happy with all the food I had and got to eat. Not everyone is privileged. What we eat, we can easily lose. It just takes a habit and commitment; those I still have to work on though.
  • Grateful for the recent weekends that I get to go out and be with my friends.

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