3 Movie reviews and Korean Filmfest

Since there have no been podcasts for months now, might as well blog about these movie reviews I have been meaning to do for ages.

I watched this before the premier screening here because I was that excited. *lol*

Bruno is an Austrian fashion reporter who has his own show and goes to fashion gigs, until he got fired because of his ruckus in Milan Fashion Week. Nowhere to go and nothing to do, he goes off to America to find fame. Things do not go as planned, of course. Events and problems was similar to Borat’s, only a lot less irritating. XD;

I felt like an innocent young girl as I watched this movie. I closed my eyes in some scenes like the swinging dick and Bruno and his lover going at it. @_@ There was too much geighness and censorship that I could hardly take it. *lol* The ending was cute. XD; didn’t expect to see Sting and Bono.

Bruno, aside from being an outrageous character, is a funner movie compared to Borat. Borat’s really so 2006. XD It was hard to watch since Borat became irritating, less shocking, and the movie ending was bleh~ In Bruno, there were hardly any icky persons who cameo-d. Bruno wasn’t as clueless as Borat. I also totally support gay love. XDDD

Star Trek
I am SO late in reviewing this. *lol* There are too much memories with this movie, so I can’t just pass it up. I was one of the lucky persons who was able to watch the premier. Jaja, Liza, and a guy from a different department in the office (who gave us the tickets) were with me. Ayala Cinema made us leave every gadget we had especially cellphones. I didn’t leave my netbook though since I don’t wanna worry about the safety of my stuff while we watch the movie. There was free food from Italianni’s (I think) and Pizza Hut, but we didn’t get any of those since we had early dinner. If we only knew! Tsk, tsk. We did have the dessert though — DQ’s Blizzard. πŸ˜€

Star_Trek_Premier_tix_001 Star_Trek_Premier_tix_002

The movie started by almost 8:30 PM. That’s about one hour after the expected screening time. We were able to finish our ice cream before the movie. ~_~ It was worth the wait though. Srsly. Liza and Jaja aren’t Star Trek fans and didn’t want to see it (they only did because it was free) yet they were excited throughout the entire movie. The seats shaking from their excitement was enough proof. *lol* The movie was awesome that it wasn’t only worth the time, it’s also worth the sacrifice. XD;


UP! 3D ^_^

I watched this twice. First one was with Dad and second time with the family. I went with the family because they would watch in Greenbelt 3’s 3D cinema. I would have watched it there with Dad, but the theater was already packed. -_- Anyway, the movie didn’t fail to get me teary-eyed again. The characters are all lovable especially Russell. *lol* He was so cute when he was on Kevin’ legs. HAHA~

Since we’re on the discussion on movies, I should go ahead about the Korean Film Festival 2009. I don’t remember hearing about a Korean Film Festival on the previous years. Is this a first? Thanks to Karen for the heads up.

Korean Film Festival 2009


I want to watch Old Boy, Barking Dogs Never Bite, and Beyond the Years. All of which are showing on the 26th:
2:00 PM – Beyond the Years (PG-13)
5:00 PM – Barking Dogs Never Bite (R-13)
8:00 PM – Old Boy (R-18)

Also Sa-kwa by 8PM on the 28th.

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