2nd Quarter Clean and Green inspection

Ugh, I’m supposed to blog about my beerday celebrationS (yes, with an ‘s’), but I forgot the pics in my desktop. *lol* Anyway, since there will be another Clean and Green inspection a few weeks from now, I think I should I blog about the inspection from two months ago. >_>

I wish our team would be assigned to first district schools or anywhere else, but the committee has already changed its inspection system so it’s unlikely. The only advantage of this is having to see if there are improvements or not. I remember, before we left for the inspection, I was taught again how to rate the schools. In the first inspection, I was only being honest with grading. That honesty has resulted to some getting pissed at me. >_> I’m not expecting much from the city’s public schools, but it seems they’re telling me to lower my already low expectations. The schools would not have gotten low rates if I was happy with what I saw. They just need to take better care of the school and remind frequently their students to show respect and proper behavior.

The second quarter inspection wasn’t so bad. I didn’t have to go in my office attire and I even brought the BBF. The downside was not having to see any cute kids this time. I guess people pay less attention to you if you’re not in ‘respectable’ attire. 😛 Also, our ride’s ac was broken. Imagine going around the city in extreme heat. I went home greasy and dirty. Ugh~

Here are some pictures from the inspection:

Obviously, GIRLS are only allowed to join the GIRL SCOUTS. XD;

The illustration is cute!

Bring your own BEATER!


NUUUUUUU~ We want drugs!

My, what hairy hands you have. 😐


*shakes head*

Uhh… Yeah.

“This is a no smoking.bldg”


Cosmetology Room

The library is full. Wow. O_O

Read lahi as labi. *facepalms*

My crush is still alive! XD;

Did they just forgot about this? @_@

Edison Chen XD;

Some rather interesting stuff there.

Tinunaw na crayon


OP Art…?

First time I saw and tasted this

(doh) It’s still the same.

Tumahimik may klase O_O

MagiHg magalang

Trudat *lol*

Pictures from the BBF to follow.

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