28th, Stand Up! Concert 2010, and my trip in Washington DC back in 08

Aside from the Mooters film pics, I uploaded some more.

[singlepic id=988 w=250] [singlepic id=990 w=250]
28th BEER-day

[singlepic id=1005 h=250] [singlepic id=1014 h=250]
Stand Up! Concert 2010

I was still new with my BBF back then, so the pictures are mostly dissatisfying. But pictures from my VA trip back in 2008 almost had me in disbelief. Well, using an SLR is less trickier than with a toy camera. πŸ˜›

[singlepic id=1039 h=250] [singlepic id=1046 w=250]
VA and DC ’08

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