25 Random things about Shabbydoo~

Jenn tagged me, so I thought I’d answer to take a break from writing about the city’s implementation of climate change adaptation and mitigation. @_@

1. Hardcore music makes me sleepy. D:

2. A lot of girls do not seem to like me, so I always end up being/feeling out of place. So back in college I only hung out with the guys which made the girls more irritated. *lol*

3. The guys I usually hang out with keep forgetting that I’m a guy. *facepalms* When I went to the recent drinking + videoke party of the college boiz, they were all surprised and asked, “Shabby, why are you already a girl!?!?!?!?!?!?” I was very much amused. I ♥ them to bits. XD

4. Shabby has a durty mind. LULz~ XD;

5. The band is my baby. ♥

6. I would sometimes grab girls’ boobies. ;D Yesh, GRAB. *rolfmao*

7. When I’m very pissed, I talk in straight English. Only one person has witnessed that.

8. I never, I never ever stay out late
But you know that I can hardly wait
Just to see you

9. I am proud of my baking skills. *lol* Professor back in college told me that he liked my cookies and I could be a housewife already. XDDD;

10. I gotta touch you…
‘Coz baby we’ll be
In the drive-in
In the old man’s Ford
Behind the bushes
Until I’m screaming for more
Down in the basement
We’ll lock the cellar door
And baby, talk dirty to me

11. Chips and softdrinks are already a no-no for me except if there’s nothing else to eat or drink.

12. I’m usually clueless to what’s going on around me. :/

13. If I like you, I like you. *lol* There’s nothing wrong with telling someone you like them, right? XD; If I don’t like you, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you that either.

14. My stomach doesn’t like shrimp and sodas (usually Coca-Cola).

15. I don’t like wearing pants anymore. SHOCK! D:

16. I am very open-minded. I’m open to any discussion including drugs and sex. Because of that though, people tend to think of me as an easy girl, drug/sex addict, or any of such. ~_~

17. Nobody understands me except my guitar. ^^ I don’t even understand myself.

18. I’m a frustrated musician. LOLz~

19. Years ago, I fell in love with a guy just because he tripped and rolled and rolled and rolled and rolled… *ROFLMAO* It was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. πŸ˜€

20.I went out once with a grandpa. We talked about his sons, daughters, and their children. I just wanted to see what it’s like and for the free lunch. *ROFLMAO*

21. One of my hidden talents is dirty dancing. I kid about the talent part, but I can dirty dance. XDDD;

22. Always I try so hard, but I find myself still disliked by people. -_- There’s something lacking.

23. Hanging out all by myself
I don’t want to be with anybody else
I just want to be with you
I just want to have something to do

24. I like kids. The little obedient, cute ones. ^_^

25. The old me is back. XD I have been drinking a lot though I have yet to experience (again) getting drunk and having a hangover.


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