Souvenirs from London and US

I should be double-checking my luggage and hand-carry, but here I am blogging. 🙂 I mentioned in my gratitude blog post that I want to share the goodies I received from my parents when they went to London and US. Also from my Aunt when my parents went to see her. These aren’t everything btw. […]

Cosplay Mania 2016

I was able to attend Cosplay Mania 2016 with GameOPS for media coverage (pictures are up at GameOPS Facebook page). Cosplay Mania was held at SMX last October 1-2 and the event was packed with activities although not all are accessible depending on your ticket. Ticket prices range from PhP249 to a shocking PhP2499. The […]

NYX Liquid Suede in Stone Fox

Stone Fox is gray with blue undertones. NYX Liquid Suedes are supposed to be creamy liquid lipsticks, but they look matte. Stone Fox, in particular, has a finish that looks and feels matte. This is, to my surprise, somewhat comfortable to wear. After three of hours of wear though, my lips felt dehydrated. The liquid […]

Gratitude Mondays: October 3

My last gratitude log was last July. I can’t believe it’s been that long! It has been difficult with all the work, family responsibilities, and online stuff. I’m aware that being grateful shouldn’t be put off. It doesn’t even require a lot of time. I need to bring back the habit of gratitude lists and […]

BeautyMNL Shopping experience + Detail makeup reviews

BeautyMNL asked me to try their online shop, which was good timing because there are a few that I’ve been curious to try. My BeautyMNL shopping experience was easy and swift with their very straightforward online store. (I forgot to screenshot the actual process of my order, so this is only a ‘reenactment.’)