Birthday ‘report’ :D

It takes a broken memory card to force me to write my post-birthday post. Ugh, I’ve lost the pictures of my special day and so many others. I’ve been very sad about it over the weekend. Not to mention, I was sick. Thankfully, the boyfriend has been consoling and eeping me company as I patiently tried to recover (to no avail) the contents of the memory card.

I had two birthday celebrations. First was a dinner with the family and boyfriend and the second was a game night with the usual suspects + boyfriend.

On my birthday, I spent most of the day at home (being lazy). I went out late afternoon, so the boyfriend and I could play Ingress a bit then head to my favorite game store to get my birthday gift. Hihi~ Then I called up my mom to inform her we’ll have our dinner at at Kimukatsu Century City Mall. They haven’t been to that mall even.

Our order at Kimukatsu was similar to that birthday lunch treat from Bryce weeks ago before my birthday. I’m sure you remember that if you follow my Instagram.

Bryce’s birthday lunch treat for me, Phoebe, and Nina :D weeks before my birthday

The dinner was nice and peaceful until a couple sat beside our table and asked from their waiter questions you would facepalm on. Like after they got their bill, they asked what’s the name of the restaurant.

We then had our usual coffee at Starbucks and I also claimed my free slice of cake thanks to rewards of the Starbucks card.

I was about to say that I didn’t get a birthday cake, then I remembered that Kat and Drew brought a long choco roll! :D That’s what we had on our game night besides home-cooked Pinoy dinner, chips, and sodas. I’m so glad the usual suspects made time for me. We played Bomber Man and Smash Up where I won twice. Hrhr~

I received cute gifts from them too. :D My parents already gave theirs about a month earlier. The boyfriend, on the other hand, surprised me with something unexpected. (Thus a surprise, dimwit! LEL) I never expect gifts on my birthdays or on any special occasion, so I was really taken by surprise that I didn’t know how to respond. Anyway, I choose to be discreet on things between us. I just want to share my happiness. :D

There was also a birthday celebration in the office. There are two of us August celebrants and we were supposed to share for the office treat. But the other celebrant went ahead treated us to home-cooked meal over lunch. Another co-worker surprised us with a birthday cake. It was very sweet of her. :D


Today’s lunch will be shared between me and a new co-worker. It will be my birthday treat as well as his for getting his first salary. I told him I could pitch in since I haven’t treated everybody yet. This would make my third celebration then. LOL

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ActionSampler photos from this year’s Art Fair Phils.

Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 003Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 004Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 005Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 007Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 002Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 006Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 008

Camera: ActionSampler Flash
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Furby and Doraemon McD Happy Meal toys

This Furby is currently displayed on my office desk. A co-worker is creeped out while the others find this Furby cute. LOL!

Furby McDonald's Happy Meal 001

Furby McDonald's Happy Meal 002

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Currently watching. I wish I could work in Nintendo or NaughtyDog.  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 018  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 014  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 011  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 010  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 009  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 008  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 007  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 006  Eid Mubarak 2014-0726 002  Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 008  Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 007  Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 006  Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 005  Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 004  Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 003  Art Fair 2014 [ActionSampler Flash] 002  Chinese New Year 2014, Binondo 003  Chinese New Year 2014, Binondo 002  Chinese New Year 2014, Binondo 001  

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