Switched webhost

So you might come across missing parts of the blog and dead links especially images. My other websites are currently down atm. I’m hoping by Friday they will all be uploaded. Please bear with me. :)

Let’s make this post ‘mouthwatering.’ LOL

20140916_215034 Burger Bar

20140916_215057 Burger Bar

20140916_223634 Burger Bar

Don’t they look delicious? 😀 I’m not tempted though because I just had McChicken. (At about 2 in the morning. :o) I posted these for happies because I actually feel sad that I will be leaving my old webhost. 😐

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Gratitude Mondays: November 23

I’m aware that I missed last week’s Gratitude Mondays. I was exhausted from the weekend, so I felt like skipping tasks thereafter. Anyway, I’m not going to miss today’s gratitude post. :)

  • The reasons I was busy last weekend was, first, because of the Abaddon (Manila) Anomaly last Nov. 14. Similar to last year’s anomaly, it rained in spite that it was very sunny in the morning and early afternoon. Our Korean teammate couldn’t believe that what we dreaded did happen. ^^;;;

    Our team met the night before the anomaly to get fully acquainted. I made new friends including the Korean who gave us each portable fans. It’s the best thing to have when playing Ingress.

    I’m grateful they were all happy and game to be in my vlog and it was very well-received. They were, at first, unaware what my videos were for though. LOL So it was great they were game and they were all smiles in spite of their exhaustion.

  • The second reason was my friend Drew’s birthday celebration; another opportunity to be with the usual suspects. We had a feast then he played horror games on his computer while we commented non-stop on the horror effects. Not that they’re not scary. They still are and they’re also creepy, but just weird.

  • I still have a hangover from my Bangladesh vacation. It truly was a humbling experience as it was another reminder that all my headaches I have with Metro Manila are nothing compared with the issues in Dhaka. Still, beyond the state of their traffic and transportation, there are places to see in Dhaka like the museums and the Jatiyo Sangsad Bhaban (National Parliament House). There’s also cheap clothing. 😉
    20151030_110800 Old Dhaka [CTP] 20151030_110916 Old Dhaka [CTP]

    20151030_112232 Old Dhaka [CTP] 20151030_112335 Old Dhaka [CTP]

    20151030_112815 Old Dhaka [CTP] 20151030_143210 Old Dhaka [CTP]

    20151030_153233 Old Dhaka [CTP]

    20151102_111154 Kurmitola Golf Club [CTP] 20151102_111235 Kurmitola Golf Club [CTP]

  • XDDD I’m grateful for our game night. I won in the first round of Munchkins Legends. 😀
    20151121_183144 BGC with Usual Suspects
    I didn’t think I would see the Eiffel Tower this soon with the usual suspects.

  • A spur-of-the-moment Friday night at Craft with Phoebe, her sister, and her sister’s friends. There was an alternative rock band and they played 90s music. Phoebe, Archie, and I can so relate to the songs as much as I hate to admit. We had shots and I had my usual Black Russian. I forgot when was the last time I had those. ^^;;; Fun times.

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Abaddon Manila

My Abaddon story: The night before the anomaly, I had a dream of hacking portals and acquiring an MUFG Capsule, which caused a leg spasm out of excitement. I ended up playing in the anomaly with stiff muscles in my right leg.

20151114_173125 Abaddon Manila

20151114_173127 Abaddon Manila

After mugs and mugs of coffee, I finished my Abaddon Manila vlog. There wouldn’t be this without ENL PH, Team Mon and Pumba from the Abaddon Anomaly, and Archie who created the collage. :) I hope you enjoy and please ‘thumbs up’ on YouTube if you did.

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Book buys from the MIBF 2015

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Boys and girls by Lake Zürich and Anne-Sophie Mutter (Switzerland, Day 6) – Part 2 of 2

In the first part, the last I mentioned was I walked around for a while after my lunch to give time for my Aunt to catch up with her friends. And I also played Ingress. :)

20150707 068

I was able to get closer to the Opernhaus Zürich or Zürich Opera House. It seems people were free to hang out on its front entrance and around its premises. The opera house is located at Sechseläutenplatz, which is a large town square. This is where the traditional spring holiday of the city is celebrated. The opera house is also near Lake Zürich.

20150707_125527 20150707_125630

After many photos and (Ingress) portals, I went back because I didn’t want them to end up waiting for me instead. As soon as they were done, we headed to Zürichsee or Lake Zürich. I was told many people would go there during summer season. They would have barbecues, grills, and parties; they would swim or play in the lake. I was excited to see those. :)

All my guy friends would enjoy it here. 😀

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Haircut for kiddies and lunch at Tibits (Switzerland, Day 6) – Part 1 of 2

I know I should be blogging about my Bangladesh trip, but I remembered I still have a huge backlog of Switzerland 2015 travel log. Seeing the pictures in Switzerland got me excited again as well as longing to be back.

My previous posts on the vacation:

My 6th day in Switzerland, I spent it with my other Aunt and her baby (and my cousin) Sean in Zürich. That was my chance to walk around the streets of one of the largest financial centers in the world.

20150707_090439 20150707_090532 Sean
Inside die bahn and my cute cousin covering his face from the sunlight. :)

20150707 001
Church maybe?

20150707 002
Inside the Zürich Hauptbahnhof (Zürich HB)

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Gratitude Mondays: November 9

Only a few days ago did I realize that I forgot last week’s Gratitude Mondays post. I was still in Bangladesh then. Time there felt so slow because we’ve been to so many places, I’ve accomplished some writing, yet it would always still be earlier than I thought it would be. Well, I may have missed a post, but I did a gratitude log in my journal. 😉

  • Of course I’m grateful for the many experiences in Bangladesh and the opportunity to be with the parents in their second home. For the curious, I know Bangladesh is not the majority’s choice for a vacation, I went there with my brother to visit the parents.

  • Grateful to have somehow understood the history of Bangladesh.

  • The Philippines has so many issues that need to be improved or solved, but I’ve been aware how life in it has been better than in other countries. Bangladesh included. I’m now _more_ aware after actually being in Bangladesh. Believe me, in spite of the crazy matters of the Philippines, we still have it better. Even the traffic. Although we seem to try to catch up with their horrible traffic except without the rickshaws. LOLOL

  • Grateful we were still able to tour more or less 50% of Old Dhaka, most especially, because there would be hartal from time to time.

  • These haul! And these aren’t everything :)
    Bangladesh Buys 20151104_205835

  • I’m grateful and relieved that my parents have flown safely home (here in the Philippines) yesterday. :)

  • I’m grateful to have spent time with friends over the weekend. Last Saturday, I went out with Phoebe for massage and Japanese dinner. Oh how I needed that massage! And yesterday was bakem0n0’s birthday celebration.

I would love to know what you, dear reader/visitor, are grateful for. Please share in the comments below. :)

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Piglet noticed that even though he had a very small heart, it could hold a rather large amount of gratitude.
-- A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Last week was pretty busy even until over the weekend. But I’m glad I spent it with the company of friends instead of at work.

  • Grateful that I was able to accomplish my tasks on time that I was even able to assist a co-worker. We’re nearly done with what we have to do for the project because tomorrow is already its final seminar.

  • In spite of getting things done as earlier as possible through dividing tasks, I got told on my leaving early from an OT work last Saturday. A little unprofessional mistake could really say much about a person and even more, based on the opinions of friends and family. When you’re bothered, it gets slightly difficult to make a better understanding of the person and situation. The thing I should be grateful for this incident is I am reminded that I can’t please everyone, my purpose is not to please anyone but myself, and keep working and often make myself better in what I do. I won’t deny I was bothered. I’m very grateful for the great company I had over the weekend — My boyfriend and friends who comforted me and made my weekend happier than I expected.

    20151024_234330 20151024_234427

  • Grateful that I found the ring that I thought I lost. I bought it many, many years ago in one of my US vacations and has memories of my college and K. Wasabi days. :)

  • I’m grateful for these delicious Japanese food; a treat from the boyfriend at Tokyo Tonteki. He knew I needed happies. Hehe~

    20151024_192327 Tokyo Tonteki

    20151024_192746 Tokyo Tonteki

I hope anyone else who had a tough work week had it easy or fun over the weekend like I did. :) Oh, aren’t these puppies so adorbs?

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FBF!: Urban Heritage Conservation Seminar

I remember this seminar not only because I got to organize it for visiting students of Yokohama City University, but because I had an accident the night prior. My knees were badly wounded. My right ankle twisted. It hurt so bad that it was difficult not to cry manly tears. I mentioned a few times, if I remember correctly, that the commute to my previous work requires a lot of walking. On the way to work the day after, I didn’t take a cab. I still tortured myselfwalked and made the pain worse. Skipping the seminar was an option, but there wasn’t anyone else left in the office to deal with the seminar.

Urban Heritage Conservation & Creative City Seminar 20130905_144212 Urban Heritage Conservation & Creative City Seminar 20130905_144219 Urban Heritage Conservation & Creative City Seminar 20130905_144456 Urban Heritage Conservation & Creative City Seminar 20130905_145344

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Gratitude Mondays: October 19

I’m grateful:

  • That I’m always safe from harm; my family, friends, and everyone who matters to me are safe and well during this unfortunate time.

  • For all these nights that my boyfriend picks me up after work. 😀

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